Wireless connection always says validating identity

(There are several different configurations of wireless, including Zero Config, but we do not know that you are using).All most of them save previous in a 'profile' wireless connections so that when he meets this wireless again, he knows how to configure itself.This article includes tips on how to solve some of your network issues with Windows XP SP2. Check that your firewall is not inhibiting this process.

The only item of note is that after commanding "ipconfig/renew" I got the following: An error occurred while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection 3: The R PC server is unavailable.Find the section of your configuration screen profile, look for the SSID of the router you are trying to connect, and if you see it, then delete that profile.This will allow your machine to then reconnect to the router wireless with an open mind.Restart your computer and you should be able to connect.Limited or no connectivity on a Wi Fi network may be due a faulty configuration of the WEP/WPA security key.