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Ladies, ladies, ladies, you're falling for the words of a man rather than the action.

You're falling for the picture that is being painted for you, not the person.

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The words of a man is what attracts you to him, but it's the action of a man that moves a woman closer and that keeps her with him.

Remember, any man can tell you want you want to hear, but not every man can back up what he speaks of.

I firmly believe that love is both within and without our own control, based on events and our reactions.

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It’s important to work on keeping this speed value as low as possible.Some people hate the mushy, lovey-dovey kind of relationships, and will likely not fall in love with someone of that genre of love. Personally, I believe that fate is never set in stone. This is scientifically proven on a psychological and neurological scale.Some people love the love-hate relationships, and would rather be with someone who feels the same way. Ok so theres this guy who I barely see due to distance and lack pf drivers liscenses (will be changed soon) but we text all of the time and im always smiling when he's texting me and i feel like we've built some sort of relationship through text.Does anyone think you can fall in love (or a deep 'like') solely through text?